Why did I establish the Surrey School of Reiki?

Hello my name is Sue Walsh; I am the Founder of the Surrey School of Reiki.

When I first learnt Reiki, I realised very quickly that it wasn't 'just another course' and that it was going to be a major part of my life. I was lucky enough to learn with top-class teachers from the very beginning; my first teacher having apprenticed with Phyllis Lei Furumoto herself (which put me only 5 people away from Mikao Usui in my lineage). I firmly believe that it was this solid grounding that got my Reiki journey off to such a strong start. 

This is exactly why it's so important to me that students of the Surrey School of Reiki get the best possible training on offer. I have had far too many students re-learn Reiki with me because either they had a really poor first learning experience, or because they paid their fees and were given nothing other than a few hours of teaching in return - no support, no guidance, no shares, no follow-up and no Continued Professional Development (CPD). This is not why one should teach! You should teach because you love your topic, you know it works and you genuinely want it to help others.  

I love nothing more than to see students leave smiling, empowered, motivated, happy and changed in positive, wonderful ways. 

This is my life. It's what I do and what I love. 


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I am a professional complementary therapist specialising in Traditional Japanese Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies. I also offer Equine & Animal Healing, Angel Workshops and Karuna Reiki. I hold a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Life Coaching and have CPCAB Counselling training. 

Having practiced healing for over 16 years, I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and love of energy work with others so that they can feel its incredible benefits for themselves. 

I have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of my training, by learning with some of the best teachers in the world - Frans Stiene, Doreen Virtue, William Lee Rand, Jack Angelo. I feel genuinely blessed to be following a path that I find so uplifting and inspiring and I am sincere in my desire to help others achieve what they need on their own journey.

Client satisfaction is the heart of my work, which includes working with animals, new mums and their babies, those suffering from depression, anxiety or physical ailments and anyone who just wants to enjoy Reiki and complementary therapies for relaxation and spiritual development.

My classes are small because I believe that a personal approach yields far deeper and profound results for my students - which is what really matters!

If you're not local, don't worry - certain treatments and training are also available by email / phone / Skype. I offer classes and treatments in person near Addlestone, Weybridge, Chertsey, Surrey & London.

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