Reiki can help animals in a number of circumstances for example: rehoming, illness, receiving treatment, behavioural problems... or just because you love them and you want to make sure they know it!

Giving healing to animals is incredibly rewarding and often profound. I genuinely feel honoured each time I share Reiki with animals because they are such inspiring recipients.

I am an experienced horsewoman and work extensively with horses, as well as with dogs, cats, rabbits and most small companion animals. 

You may want your animal to receive healing because they are unwell or currently receiving treatment for an illness. Perhaps you would like to give them healing yourself simply to deepen the connection and strengthen the bond that you share. You will find that once your animal has become used to the sensation of the healing energy, they may become quite a regular customer!

My experience: As a young girl, I lived on our family farm in South Africa. I would typically spend my time galloping across the fields with my best friend Stiga, a little black pony who was bolshie, cheeky, utterly lovable and trustworthy. He taught me how to ride bareback, with no bridle or halter in a massive field, using only my legs, body and voice - thereby experiencing the perfect communion between horse and human.

I feel extremely blessed to have had the childhood I did, as it gave me the opportunity to enhance my connection with animals in a most natural and unimpeded way. It is this connection that I link into when I am working with animals, both for healing and communication, and which brings depth and integrity to my work. Trust, openness, humility and honesty are required of us if we are to understand the beauty and simplicity of an animal’s heart. I am grateful to have learnt this valuable lesson from the many wonderful animals with whom I have shared my life, and still do.

It is my dream to bring people and their animals closer and I honour those who love their animals so much that they take the steps towards enhancing and deepening their relationship. It is my sincere desire to be of assistance to you and your animal in any way I can.
If you are interested in learning more about booking a healing treatment for your animals, or learning more about how to give Reiki to animals, please contact me for further information.
Please gain consent from your Vet before your animal receives Reiki, most especially if you may have concerns regarding their health. You can do so by simply calling them and informing them that you are seeking this path of treatment in addition to their veterinary care. 

Reiki is not intended to replace or act as an alternative to conventional treatments given by a Vet. It is complementary to traditional veterinary medicine and works well alongside it. The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 (amended 1996) prohibits anyone other than a Veterinary Surgeon to diagnose ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a Veterinary Surgeon then the owner must obtain this.

The healing of animals by contact healing, by the laying on of hands or distant healing is legal. To give emergency first aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or relieving pain is permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996.