There are 3 levels of Reiki - Level 1 (also known as First Degree), Level 2 (Second Degree) and Masters. You begin at Level 1 and work up. In Level 1 you are attuned to Reiki (your ability to give Reiki is 'opened up'). You will learn how to give Reiki and how to work with the Reiki energy. Level 1 is for your own healing and is suitable for all beginners. You will be able to give healing to yourself, your friends, family and pets.

Included in your course is: a private Reiki Treatment with me a few days before your training, lunch and refreshments, your comprehensive manual, a personalised Reiki journal, an internationally recognised certificate, lineage, copy of the principles, a follow-up session and unlimited, lifetime support.


• What is Reiki?
• How Reiki works
• History of Reiki
• Reiki Principles
• Chakras and the Energetic System
• Hand placements for giving healing to yourself and others
• Guided Meditation
• You will receive your Attunements
• Working with animals, plants, food, crystals
• 21 day cleansing cycle
• Daily Reiki practice
• Basic Reiki Ethics