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Reiki changed my life in positive and incredible ways and I'd like it to do the same for you! I'm passionate about what I do because Reiki has helped me time and time again and I can confidently tell you, it works!

Why learn with the Surrey School of Reiki?

Because you want a teacher who's:

  • Interested in you, your journey, your why and where you're wanting to get to

  • Going to listen, support and guide you on your Reiki journey - not just for a day but for always

  • More interested in teaching you in a personal manner than simply filling a room - I am happy to teach 1-to-1 and bespoke courses

Continued Professional Development (CPD) will be made available to you and I'll ensure that you are able to develop your learning by providing regular Reiki shares as well as ongoing, unlimited lifetime support.

Surrey School of Reiki Accredited Courses

Our courses follow the Core Curriculum for Reiki as set by the Reiki Council hence also the guidelines for the National Occupational Standards.

The “Reiki: Professional Practitioner Diploma” is accredited with the UK Reiki Federation.

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered (CNHC)

  • UK Reiki Federation - Management Committee Member

  • UK Reiki Federation - National Coordinator

  • UK Reiki Federation - Surrey Area Representative

At the Surrey School of Reiki we actively foster an inclusive, welcoming, supportive and collaborative environment for Reiki students, practitioners and professionals alike.

Once you're part of the Surrey School of Reiki, you're part of a family of like-minded people who love helping others and who love helping each other.

Please join us; you'll be happy you did.

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