Embarking on your Reiki journey is, and should be, a very exciting experience. It's that time when you don't quite know what to expect but you know it's going to be enlightening and fun! No matter how you have come to find Reiki, be it by recommendation, desperation or just pure gut instinct, I firmly believe that one is drawn to it when they need it.

Reiki can be learnt by anyone. You can be completely right brained and arty, or you can be left brained and mathematical. You can be a stay at home mum or you can work in a formal corporate environment. Reiki will appeal to each individual in a way that is right for them because they come to learn it through their own world view.

Each of us is unique and as such, each of our Reiki experiences will be unique, as will be our approach, our practice and those whom we treat.

Reiki amazes me on a daily basis and it is still as fresh and wonderful to me now as it was back when I very first learnt it.

I genuinely love practicing Reiki; each and every time I give or receive a Reiki treatment, it never fails to bring forth in me the same sense of awe that something so perfect can exist, whilst being equally as straight forward as it is complex. I think it is actually the simplicity of Reiki that makes it more profound. There simply is never an instance in which I teach or give Reiki, that does not leave me thinking 'Wow, this stuff really works!"

I wholeheartedly believe and trust in Reiki, though being a logical, left brained person, it never ceases to amaze me, no matter how much proof I may have experienced first hand of its benefits.

It is my utmost pleasure to share this love of Reiki with others, either by teaching or giving healing treatments, so that they can improve their lives in countless ways. Reiki is perfect for the world as it is today because it is simple, effective and practical... and most importantly - it works!

Our courses follow the Core Curriculum for Reiki as set by the Reiki Council hence also the guidelines for the National Occupational Standards.