A selection of Testimonials from my lovely students can be found below. If you'd like to read more, you can also find them on my Facebook pages by clicking HERE and HERE

My Reiki Level 1 was a fantastic day and I'd recommend Sue to anyone who is considering Reiki. Her manner is lovely, warm and approachable. Her knowledge of Reiki is incredible and her genuine love of Reiki is so lovely and inspiring. Sue was always happy to answer any questions we had and she made me feel relaxed and at ease from the start. I feel very lucky to have found Sue and I'm already looking forward to doing my Level 2 with her in a few months.

- Patricia

I did my Reiki level 1 with Sue back in January but have purposefully waited until now (9 weeks later) to write a review of my experience of both the training and how that training has helped me over the last 9 weeks. Sue is an excellent teacher, from my very first contact with her (over the phone) she radiated warmth, empathy and an openness that put me at ease immediately. My first Reiki treatment with sue was so calming and restorative. I came away with a feeling of deep relaxation which stayed with me for the whole night and into the next day. 
A couple of weeks after this I had my first Reiki training with Sue. It was an extremely spiritual day, lots of meditation and attunements and a thorough explanation of the theory and background of Reiki. I have been treating myself on a daily basis since January and I can honestly say that it has helped me in more than one way. For example, it has allowed me to take time for myself on daily basis, even if it is only for 15 minutes, it has helped with my fluctuating mood swings and irritability, and with my anxiety and low mood. It has also helped with ailments such as headaches, aches and pains. My children often ask me for ‘healing’ if they are feeling poorly or have hurt themselves, I take this as a true testament to the healing energy that Reiki emits. 
Two weeks after my Level 1, Sue invited me back for a follow up session. This too was a wonderful afternoon of relaxation, meditation and attunements. Sue is a fabulous Reiki master, she is welcoming, calm, light heartened and sincere and I cannot wait to continue on my Reiki journey with her.

- Mags

I was drawn to Sue as a Reiki Master/Teacher for my Reiki journey. I have since completed my Reiki Levels I & II with Sue, along with regular Reiki Shares which Sue offers in her home, with an amazing group of people. I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. The reijus I received from Sue were very powerful; as were the treatments I have had with her. I feel very relaxed and comfortable in Sue’s lovely surroundings, and have learned so much already and have met some wonderful people. I’m looking forward to learning further under Sue’s guidance, as she is always there on hand to contact if I need her. 
I am now volunteering in a hospital setting treating patients referred from our local mental health unit and also with a local cancer support group, to help clients with pain relief support and general wellbeing. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to do this with the skills learned from Sue.
Would not hesitate to recommend Sue highly – thank you Sue!

- Jo

Sue is a person who has the innate ability to make you instantly relax. I knew from the moment we had our first phonecall after I'd shown interest in the Reiki level one course that she was the right Reiki master for me. I was instantly at ease and able to have a laugh and be myself. She makes you feel completely safe and never judged.

My Reiki session was heavenly and you can tell how much Sue loves what she does. There's loving your job and then there's Sue loving Reiki - she positively beams with joy when she's just talking about Reiki!

My Reiki training was informative yet relaxed and we were all pampered and looked after (Sue made us all a hearty soup with bread. It was divine). Sue also adds the most beautiful finishing touches to your experience, such as adding different tumblestones to each person's glass, so as we know which glass of water belongs to who! Little things like this show how much Sue relishes in making sure her clients are happy.

As someone who suffers with anxiety, I have been astonished to find that I'm handling situations which once would've caused me misery with much more ease and patience since starting my reiki journey. This is something that I hadn't consciously tried to improve - It just sort of has!

Thank you so much Sue. A stunning experience all round and I'm certain I have found my perfect Reiki Master.

- Kim

My Reiki journey with Sue was initially not planned as such but I was led there,I believe,whilst actually researching other therapies. 
What can I say... It's one if the best decisions I have ever made. 

I found the whole experience so enlightening. Sue is a wonderful tutor. The training I received was amazing and I could not have wished for anything more. The training day itself is one I will always remember as being so peaceful and relaxed. A day filled with lovely memories. 
Sue has always been there to provide support if needed, and it's lovely that she 'checks in' with her students to see how we are all doing. She has given me the confidence to believe in myself when I am giving reiki to my loved ones even when I have been apprehensive that I can actually do it! I am so happy to have reiki in my life now, it is not something I would ever want to give up and I look forward to progressing in my journey with the help of Sue.

- Maria